En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 32

After work I took a ride out in the sunshine. At second best roller skiing average speed of 14.18 km/h I am very satisfied. The interval splits at the midsection were good! On top of yesterdays lengthy ride the body was responding very well to a more fast paced interval training today. Now to combine the […]

Nikon SnapBridge a short review

I wrote this review at AppStore. I suggest everybody does that so we may be able to put some pressure on Nikon to update the functionality. http://snapbridge.nikon.com “This app doesn’t even deserve a start rating. The functionality with iPhone 6 is so poor that I will never use it. Nikon could have given us a […]

DSLR Nikon FX vs. DX Noise

DSLR Nikon FX vs. DX Noise

Some common mistake goes in the lines of: FX gathers twice as much light as DX. Noise is exactly a pixel by pixel thing which most people simply can’t fathom. So FX is not gathering more light. It just has a larger imaging sensor which means you do not have to enlarge it as much […]

Nikon D500 high ISO Performance

Still testing the D500 for wildlife shooting but so far I am really impressed. The long distance AF performance is nothing short of amazing and the camera makes a great challenge to FX when it comes to high ISO vs detail (pixel density). Here are a few samples: ISO 40000 No NR: View: original size What […]

Nikon D4

Lately I sold my Nikon D3s and D800 and acquired a D800E and at the moment I am borrowing a D4 from NPS. Having shot all four cameras there is something to be said for the critique of the new line of Nikon cameras and their ‘ability’ to produce color noise. There is definitely a […]