En Route to Vasaloppet, day 140

Today is a break day despite better weather. We are celebrating my little nieces 6 years birthday. There need also be time for other stuff than training so a trip out to pick mushrooms and wild raspberries seemed suitable and was a good workout too. The raspberry pickings were slightly interrupted when I went out to pick mushrooms as I left the girls and my father in the car. While he was not paying attention the little monsters ate half the raspberries… Proof of the misconduct was vivid as can be seen below.


I forgot to mention the other day that I actually broke my all time avg speed record on the first 9 km going to Knäred at an avg speed of 15.82 km/h and 8 km at 16.11 km/h. Of course these speeds are reflecting a drop of 62 meter over the course of 9 km but it is still the fastest ever avg speed I have been doing on this course. To compare this to earlier times I have been doing this course the fastest run I did to Knäred was back in July 2013 when I did this on my Jenex V2 XC at an avg speed of 12.01 km/h.

Avg speed

IMG_4124 Avg speed



  1. The Guern says:

    Beautiful chanterelles and the girls’ photos are priceless! Did your father teach you how to pick mushrooms? If so, we’ll have to forgive his looking the other way during the raspberry scandal. But should we not ask, how many did he eat, himself? Chant-erelle or scound-erelle?

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