En Route to Vasaloppet, day 129-134

Ok, so I was seriously aiming at 400 km for July but rainy weather and a trip to Sweden kind of prevented me from reaching the goal. However, including todays RollerSafe workout I did manage to make it to 387 km. Here are a few other comparisons from June to July. 22 out of 31 days of training. 387 vs 209 km and 33884 vs 18265 calories burned. Really upped the ante training wise!



At home Friday before going to Sweden I was out training the now usual pass of 20 km and I could really feel the improvement in my downhill balance from the technique training I have been doing after the skiing lesson with Bo. I double poled all the way down the last 4 km descent. Awesome! Fastest 1 km split at 21.97 km/h and top speed at 35.3 km/h…

…and now I am going to take it very easy the next couple of weeks and put a lot of effort into improving my technique. As for now we are in our small cottage in Sweden. I made an 18 km workout here today in perfect conditions through the forests. I saw the osprey and a family of weasels where of the two adults were trying to attack me from the roadside as I passed. I feel so good being back in Sweden. The tarmac is soft and smooth, there is hardly any wind through the forest and it is full of Chanterelles.

On the downside I will not make my goal of going from Copenhagen to Mora this summer as I will not have enough free time to do it. On the other hand there is another summer in 2018 and I will be in even better shape by then.



  1. The Guern says:

    387 km; Fantastic. Very jealous of the sommar stuga. How perfect. Do you work remotely from there?

  2. The Guern says:

    Ah. Very nice. Congratulations.
    I have attempted to look the meaning of [Hótigris] up on line, but could not discover for certain what it means. A few options:
    Hót i gris => [Swedish] Hitting in a pig
    Hót i gris => [Vietnamese] Kiss girl
    Hótigris => [Klingon] h ótigris

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