En Route to Vasaloppet, day 127-128

Good news. I rounded 315 km in July. My goal was to go 300 but there is still 6 days left. We’ll see how close I get to the 400 km mark!

Well well, in the morning I went out to take a lesson in classic skiing from Bo who works at Nordic Sport / Skatepro in Copenhagen. I got a great bunch of corrections to my roller skiing technique. Some of them I have to work hard on. I think I need to take it in stages. Bo was really nice and good at giving informative tips but I was a bit in deep water trying to do everything at once.

First, I need to work on my double poling technique to get up on my toes and really stretch my body, poles forward 10 cm. In order to get more power transfer I also need to narrow my poles to approximately same width as my hips and remember to really push back the poles all the way through the action.

Second, I need to get better at diagonal stride and step double pole. This is in part a question of learning to balance on roller skis as I have a much better feeling with this in the snow track. I need to go down in tempo and really get a feeling for this using no poles.

Third, I need to work on my balance. Especially balancing on one ski while descending. I also need to work on the speed position going downhill and keeping the skis closer together at all techniques.

It is hard to ‘unlearn’ all the bad habits you build from having figured out the basics yourself. I came from skate skiing to classic and then to RollerSafe. Now I really need to zero in on the technique. One thing that strikes me is that I am a bit heavier than Bo and this should mean that I would descent faster but his technique is so much better that he could roll away quite effortlessly while I was poling to keep up. He could basically keep the same tempo without poles in diagonal stride as I could with poles.

Here is a great video tutorial for cross country skiing techniques on snow. They can be applied to roller skis but you need to know that balancing on roller skis is a different ballgame from cross country skis. Double poling is the easiest technique to transfer. Diagnonal stride is harder, especially to get a nice lift and back kick. Step double pole, while quite easy on snow tracks, is really hard to master on roller skis. You really need to balance the wheel to a straight when setting the ski down to push / kick forward after the back stretch and lift action.

Slowing down to set the technique right is going to be a focus point on some training days for the next few weeks.

Finally for today here is a winter picture from Grönklitt, Dalarna, Sweden. Blood sugar is 7.9 here at 9 p.m. That is great!

IMG_0492 skrivebord



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  1. The Guern says:

    315 km. Great work!

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