En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 124-126

Day 124 was set out to train on a more flat and easy route. I did 17.5 km at the fastest pace yet for the long distance courses I have been doing lately at average speed of 14.54 km/h. Smooth.

Yesterday (day 125) we were going to visit my parents and the plan was to jump ship like 10 km before just south of Jyderup so I could go roller skiing for an easy workout down through the forests towards Lake Tissø. Since that was the plan I didn’t do anything in particular to prepare for it and I didn’t bring any water supply.

When we got there, however, I changed my mind, decided to jump off in the forest area of Stokkebjerg Forest just north of Jyderup and go west to Bjergsted and then see where I would land. Completely novel territory to me when it comes to roller skiing. I was slightly nervous and I can say that if I did not have the RollerSafe I would never have dared venturing into roads I had not checked out by car first. The RollerSafe, however, with their disc brakes also means that I have been getting more and more comfortable with checking out new potential training areas and in particular any descents. This is clearly readable from yesterdays workout when I did my fastest split on a descent ever, going 1 km at 20.55 km/h. The first two kilometers through Stokkebjerg Forest were beautiful and followed by a descent down to Bjergsted that was both speedy and equally nice in terms of the landscape unravelling beneath me. In a whole the landscape in this area is fantastic.

When I got to Bjergsted everything felt good so I decided to take a longer course turning on the small road to Viskinge and towards Kalundborg then the plan would be to turn south towards Tissø and see how far that would take me. I had in mind that I might as well test upwards of 40 km. Since I was feeling good and Kongevejsløbet September 10th is 45.2 km this would be a good indication of my shape towards this race. The first 25 km felt really good. I was getting good average speed indications of 14.7 km/h all up to 23 km without outdoing myself which is another average speed PR for long distance. The wind when turning south was nasty (0:45) (in a particularly Black Adder‘ish) way though and that was draining power quickly.

I even went bonkers after 25 – 30 km as I didn’t carry any sugar nor drinks with me and I clearly ate too little during the day. 🔥

Still, last time I ran 40 km was during Vasaloppet passing 40 km at 5:20:49 and back in February at 3:58:04 up in Orsa Grönklitt. Even though this is on RollerSafe and with 1000 km roller skiing in between since Vasaloppet, I wouldn’t have thought I was in that much of a better shape going the distance in just 3:02:43. 💪🏻👍🏻

Status as of now is 296.5 km in July! and 1000 km since March 10th. Blood sugar level 6.1.


40 km Jyderup



  1. The Guern says:

    Greetings! I am training for the 2018 North American VASA 48 K (Traverse City, Michigan), but I have never raced before and have not skied on snow for 40 years. I am curious about how your average times on wheels compare to your average times on snow? Are you using skate or classic technique? Right now, I am building up my endurance to be able to skate [V2 Aero XL roller skis] for several hours at a time. Longest distance so far: 16 km. I am hoping that snow is faster than my V2 wheels!

    • The Guern says:

      Also, training in the heat of Florida summer. Ugh.

    • Hótigris says:

      I am going classic on rollerskis since Vasaloppet is classic only. It is a bit hard for me to say exactly if my wheel times are better since I am in better shape now. The best classic skiing I did in the winter was 11.8 km/h average in 10 km. The best classic rollerski run was 14.99 km/h. However I have done 10 km skate skiing in February at 15.07 km/h.

      • The Guern says:

        I did not know that VasaLoppet is classic only. #embarrassing Coming up to speed in more ways than one. Did you ski classic on your V2s? I just bought a new pair of Fisher skate boots. These may not help me if my ultimate quest is VasaLoppet 2020.

      • Hótigris says:

        Skate is good training for classic too. You can ski classic on the V2 if they have back stop wheels in the front. If not you can buy a pair.

      • The Guern says:

        Need to work out NNN classic boots. those are the dual channel kind, right? The pair that came from eBay had the one central channel. (SNS?) Not sure of the names, but I know my bindings are the 2 channel kind.

      • Hótigris says:

        NNN Rottefella has a Dual Channel, yes. SNS is Salomon bindings. They have a single wide channel. What does your bindings look like?

      • Hótigris says:

        Or is it the skate version you have?

      • Hótigris says:

        If so you have to buy a classic V2 with classic boots but keep the skate skis too, so you can do both.

      • Hótigris says:

        Lastly I don’t know if the North American Vasa is classic only. The Swedish Vasaloppet 90 km is classic only.

      • The Guern says:

        North American Vasa is skate (Saturday) and classic (Sunday) Feb 10-11, 2018.

      • The Guern says:

        My original V2s were skate only, but a few months back I ordered a pair of ratcheting [back stop] wheels for the front, as you suggested. I’ll be able to ski either style with the same skis. At least that is the plan for now. My Cross Country Ski Shop [ http://www.xcskishop.com/ ] said this would be possible with my skate bindings. The North American Vasa has a 48 km skate race (Saturday) and a 34 Km classic race (Sunday). Since I am still in the “dream phase”, I can entertain the idea of entering both.
        Thanks for your knowledge.

      • Hótigris says:

        Sure. 🙂 Glad to be of help.

  2. Hótigris says:

    The V2 are nice. I had them before but now that I changed to RollerSafe I am really happy!

  3. Hótigris says:

    Snow is generally a bit slower unless you have this special spring condition when the track is just covered in half a millimeter ice crust.

  4. Hótigris says:

    I think I would be able to keep 14 km/h on classic skis in snowscape but we shall see in December how it will look.

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