En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 123

What a perfect day to roller ski. Sunny, 22° celcius and absolutely no wind. When I got home from meeting my friend Johanna and her little sweet 6 months old baby Malcolm I went to swap the sunglasses I bought yesterday since they had some microscratches in the glass. No problem at Rulleskisport. They just changed them flat out. Perfect service!

Then out to train. I decided to go the 18 km route. I immediately felt that the two days of relatively relaxing workout was beneficial to me. I picked up a good tempo upwards and from the top down towards Hjortekær I did some of the best splits I have ever done on classic roller skis. The new X-IUM boots are awesome! The sole is stiffer which makes for better control and more comfort when going downhill which I soon learned. Overall I also did some of the best roller skiing descents that I have ever done. Particularly down the last 4 km when I was doing a split of 19.91 km/h. Top speed for the course was 31.5 km/h. I am definitely getting more comfortable going roller skiing on descents.

On the way back I added 2 km just for the heck of it. I didn’t want it to end today! Here are the stats for todays run. Blood sugar today 6.7!



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