En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 122

I went to my local equipment pusher at Rulleskisport today to get some new classic boots and sunglasses. I rolled there on the RollerSafe and after I went out for a 10 km run. Nice and easy 15 km today. I got boots and glasses at a nice rebate. Nice to have a good local dealer. I got a good chat with Rune about remembering to take out days to just enjoy roller skiing. Very important to not burn down the house at every training pass.

The X-IUM WC classic boots are the same size and fit as my Rossignol skate boots. I tested them on the ten km track. Perfect fit yet solid and stiff, makes for a good kick-action!

On the ten km run I of course had to go hurt myself in a very classic beginner mistake. Touched the brake housing on the curb going out of a zig-zag path to a bluezone road crossing in the bike lane. So ouch! But the sunglasses are nice!

The XBionic shorts proved durable taking the bulk of the fall allowing me to slide a couple of yards without tearing apart. Good stuff!


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