En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 119-121

3 days ago was hellish pain and agony. After a 2 day break I did a good workout the day before and then boom I felt really tired and everything was aching. My back, my shoulders and legs. I did a respectable 13 km/h 18 km roller skiing pass anyways but when I was done I felt I never wanted to train one more meter again.

Sunday morning I was supposed to get up early and go check out the route for Kongevejsløbet (with as little traffic as possible). I had zero motivation. As in ZERO. Instead it started to rain and it was raining the whole day. Suited me fine to stay in bed with the kids. In the evening the rain was finally clearing out. I felt a bit better and after a walk the kids were sleeping. I decided that if I was ever going to get back to roller skiing this would be the time to bite the bullet.

Hesitatingly I put on my skate boots, since I had washed the classic boots in the washing machine in the afternoon, and went out for a double pole run. Surprisingly the first kilometer felt really good (a good rest works wonders). Gone was the pain and the agony. So I changed plans and continued out on my 18 km track even though I only had planned for a short training pass. I did good on the climb to 4 km and even though the road was full of slippery killer snails I felt comfortable on the descents out in the forest. I got good split speed notifications too.

On the way back I decided to just let go of the brakes since the slippery brown slush ice from overrun snails was making any brake action a hazardous move. I returned home with an average speed of 14.3 km/h. My best 18 km roller ski workout so far.

Back from work today I went on with the run I had planned for yesterday. An easy short run through the villa neighborhood. Here also I did well. 11 km at 14 km/h average even though I was taking it easy.

In summary I have already done 202 km in July which is the total distance for the whole previous months. Maybe I can even break 300 km for July. That would be excellent and bring me up to 1000 km since I got the RollerSafe and returned home from Vasaloppet back in March.



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