En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 114

Today was a good day for training. Even though I had been working and came home quite late I felt in good spirit and shape. I decided to go for the longer distance route of 18 km and give it a shot at breaking 14 km/h an average for this distance.

I got good feedback from the climb parts at first and at the turning point I was at 14.3 km/h with some climbs to go. Looking good in other words. I had the feeling that if I was at around 14 km/h when at the top of the steepest climb then I would be able to make it. I crossed that at 14.16 and when turning downwards at 14 km I was at 13.91 km/h. Then I felt quite safe. At home I was at 14.10 after a good finishing couple of kilometers.

To reach my goals for the Vasa I still need to add some distance and speed but this certainly looks promising that I can add some more climbs and twice the distance and keep the same average speed.

Tomorrow I am going to take it easy and ride easy. I think I deserve to just focus on enjoying the ride as well. I am getting more bold on descents. Today top speed was 31 km/h. Max heart rate 185 bpm and blood sugar after training was 5.9.


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