En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 107-113

Since I got home from Transylvania I have been changing my training to double length and more up and down kind of terrain, like going 18 km instead of 9 and going up longer climbs, not as challenging as Transylvania though but still some shorter 5-6% climbs and a longer 3% climb of 2-3 km. This is a good sign. Been able to keep up the tempo quite well even for the increase of distance at average of around 13.5 km/h. My max pulse the other day was 193 bpm on these climbs so it is possible to make it hard even here.

I found a really nice route through a bit of quiet neighborhood and some forest part of Dyrehaven to the small village of Raadvad and back again. Very nice! I am practicing letting go of the brakes on descents to go up to 26-27 km/h. After the mountains in Transylvania I seem to have lost a bit of my fear of descents and though I still like to keep control, I am working on it.

It may also have helped that I went through changing the wheels to new ones. No problem with this. The brake pads are ok and no need to change yet. The brakes work perfect with the new wheels. The set of wheels I changed lasted 700 km. I have now been going 97 km in July so far and totally around 850 km on the RollerSafe since March 10.

On a health based side of things I have been at a public health test at Herlev Hospital recently and without getting the total results yet I can say as much as my blood pressure was really good, 130/75 and generally it seems I am in better shape now than I have been for years. More on this when I get more of the results. My blood sugar level the other day was 4.9 which is perfect.


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