En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 81-82

Yesterday I took a day off from training due to heavy rain and a sneak up cold starting off. Turned out to be a good idea as I was definitely feeling better today.

Instead of training yesterday I went to buy a new pair of training shorts as the old bike shorts I had was so worn that they had holes in the front. Enough about that as you can probably imagine the wow factor of colorful boxers through worn out holes in black bike shorts…

Instead I went to my local equipment pusher at Rulleskisport to buy new shorts. Proved that Jesper had a fine pair of running shorts from Suisse company >X<Bionic. Looked like they were way to small but the material stretches and they fit perfectly. These are so much better for roller skiing than normal bike shorts. The sweat transporting abilities are perfect (even when putting them on the wrong way, back to front).


Just to prove that a days break and new gear can work wonders on your morale I went out after work today and did an workout with 8 out of 10, 1 km, intervals being past 14 km/h and 6 of those 8 being past 15 km/h. The total average speed was 14.91 km/h which is my 2nd fastest ever classic ski run. Max pulse 185 bpm and most of the last half of the run being over 177 bpm. Great!

Pulskurve 8:6


When you are done training and got new equipment you are allowed to get a little girlish and take Sweet & Sour selfies in front of the mirror while flashing boobs. So enjoy..!


That knee by the way has got some serious scar tissue but it works and the RollerSafe!! Well, they just make you smile!


On Wednesday the 14/6 at 17:30 I will be at SkatePro on Østerfælled Torv 39-41 to demonstrate the RollerSafe Classic prior to the roller ski training that goes off every Wednesday at 18:00. So see you there!


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