En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 73-75

Another milestone!

I checked in at 500 km on my RollerSafe yesterday making this distance in just 82 days whereof 55 were active workout days. That is 9 km pr. workout on average.

As for the past couple of days I took a break in the rain Tuesday but went out yesterday and today. The last couple of days were hard on me however. I have had some pain in and around my ribcage and some severe headaches. Even at days when I do not feel on top of my game it seems I have indeed taken my average speeds a notch up.

Yet still I have been setting average paces of just over and close to 4 min/km or between 14-15 km/h.

This means that on my home route I have increased the average speed from 11 km/h in the middle of March to past 14 km/h now while increasing the distance by 1.5 km. More than half of my home route runs (almost two thirds) in May have been above 14 km/h in average speeds. Fairly good methinks.

Compare this to when I really started on classic skiing in February, I did classic skiing runs up in Grönklitt at about 9-10 km/h an average. Before February 2017 95% of all my training be it on cross country skis or rollerskis have been done as skate.

Fair to say that even considered the difference of going from snow to paved road there is some progress between 9 km/h to 14.7 km/h in classic technique. Into this equation comes of course that I have done a really knock out skate run back in February at 15.07 km/h over 10 km distance up in Grönklitt. Of course I was burning the house down at that run and there is no doubt that my base shape now is much better. Consider also that I have several years of skate skiing on my back so pulling off a good skate run in perfect snow conditions is ok after 3 months of intensive training. At that time I couldn’t have done it in classic technique. If I can keep this progression up there will definitely be a base for setting some new PB’s in the snow next winter.

My blood sugar levels have been around 6.4 – 7.5 so pretty good on that account.




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