En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 66-68

I was very excited to go to the dietician this tuesday. I even went out for a short roll early in the morning just as I did in Hungary. Here it was a nice morning too but rather cold compared to the climate we just returned home from. First I went to see the doctor to get my HbA1c measured which turned out at 57. Still too high but I can definitely keep my blood sugar levels under control by training. Blood sugar in the morning was 6.6. 57 was one point up from february when we measured it to be 56 just after coming home from Dalarna and 400 km cross country skiing.

Including Vasaloppet I was doing 200 km cross country and roller skiing in March, 200 km roller skiing in April and so far 150 km roller skiing in May.

Looking at the Body Composition Analyzer I can see that I have gained 800 grams of muscle mass, my fat mass has gone down 400 grams and my fat procent 0.4%. My total weight is up 500 grams which is ok as long as it is muscle gain. What is interesting here is that even after the high intensity training of January and February in the skiing season all the measuring parametres are moving in the right direction. This is great. I still want to lose more weight but as long as things are going south the speed with which it does that really does not matter so much as keeping fit and training.

Todays training was good. I am moving my average speeds up between 13.5 – 14.5 km/h. Awesome!


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