En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, Day 59-65

For the past week I have been in Hungary celebrating a wedding in the family. We were staying in Inárcs at the Bagylovár wellness hotel. They have very nice facilities for bathing and wellness. We enjoyed the stay very much. Of course I brought my RollerSafe with me and had a couple of morning rides before the heat coming in at 30°c during the day.

In town it was quite good road surface but I woke up every dog in the neighborhood. I am sure that if I had an electronic gate key I could have dragged a tail of dogs with me through that whole village – including on my second run quite a few curious people of all ages who came to see the newest addition to the town folklore. 🙂 Skiing poles on asphalt can be heard at quite a distance at a quiet morning 7 am. I am sure it will be a few weeks before they are done talking about me and the ‘blinkies’ (green flashing brake light). They must have thought I was beamed down from a spaceship as a probe to test if it was a viable outfit to blend in with the locals – or deeper still the mothership connection.

Anyways, I went for a couple of 10 km runs taking it easy and focusing on enjoying the climate and the experience of having a whole neighborhood to myself with not much car action going on.

Yesterday after having driven back home to Copenhagen I took a roll out again after sleeping and today I got a run in the afternoon as well. I did not lose a terrible lot of weight in Hungary (yummy food) but I didn’t lose much in speed either, doing some good intervals today.

Next up is Transylvania in June for yet another wedding. See what they say there.



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