En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 53-57

Some time ago I wrote something about an experience of mine that high max pulse even for a short while would be very effective at lowering blood sugar levels.

In the past few weeks since I was suffering from a severe cold I have been having a sort of stuffiness in my throat with a dry sore cough making it hard to breathe fully. Naturally this has made it more difficult to reach intervals at max effect. I will spare you any details but yesterday I was coughing a lot and managed to get some of it out. I am still coughing but in the morning I felt my airways were more clear at last.

It is a nice 17 degrees celcius here today and for once almost no wind. I went out on my RollerSafe with high expectations that were met a long part of the way with me finally being able to push some tougher intervals again.

Back to the effect of reaching for a high max pulse when training. As a consequence of the cold and the aftermath of it I was unable for a couple of weeks to reach a max pulse of more than 180-181. Thus my blood sugar levels have been higher between 7 and 8. Not so after this workout. I landed at a max pulse of 187 and right near the sweet spot with a blood sugar after training of 5.9. Average pulse was 171 through a 9.3 km workout. Very satisfying.

Try it out folks. You don’t need to be at max pulse for a long while to reach the effect but you need to get as high as you possibly can. For me it seems to be between 187-194 for max pulse and close enough to max pulse.

Picture: Irís just got her first rollerskates today and she was very proud. Looking good.




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