En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 47-50

Day 47 was too busy to get time for rolling. I should have been out rolling friday but I forgot my ski boots when going to visit my parents. Shit happens! Cleaned the car instead.

Yesterday I went out for 12 km and today for 10 k in light rain and wet roads. Doing well now. Almost over the cold I had last weekend. The knee is doing fine. Not much left to see. The RollerSafe braking ability holds up well in rainy conditions. Nothing short of outstandingly well. Other roller ski brakes and braking techniques fell short in this category making it difficult to brake on wet surfaces.

Bloodsugar today 7.7. I would still like very much to get it further down. My pulse curve goes between 164-182 on a run like this.



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