En Route to Vasaloppet, day 45

I am going to start this blog with a short venture into the 1st of May articles. In an interview with the Swedish sociologist Roland Paulsen (article in Swedish). He notes that the worktime has not been reduced over the last 40 years in spite of productivity being doubled over the same time period. At the same time research in Sweden suggests that people working 30 hours a week are more productive than the ones working a full 40 hour week. This should arguably as we see in the world history up until around 1950 lead to lowering of the work hours. But it hasn’t. The growth, and capitalistic ideologies has completely overturned the focus of bettering life quality in the worlds societies.

Even though I have a brain damage and type 2 diabetes I can feel that working half time gives me a lot less stress, more time and more life quality in the periods when I feel physically closer to everyone else. The gap will never close but working half time is definitely a big improvement in life quality for me (see study on nurses here: Improved Quality of Life, IQL) and means that I have time and energy to train so that I can keep my blood sugar levels under some sort of control. Todays blood sugar was 7.2.

I am trying to create prophylactic ways of dealing with the permanent damages I suffered when being knocked down 12 years ago. While before I focused mainly on my study and getting a job after I finished my education this more and more includes laying down strategies on how to tackle the need for training, also at times when energy is running low and headache rules. I have to in order to restore my health, so it is very much also a survival strategy. I won’t get rich from it – if being rich only is about money… But I will have more quality time with my family and I will get to see my children grow up. Very important for my life quality.

I have found a meaningful and valuable training form in cross country skiing in the winter and roller skiing in the summer. With the RollerSafe I have found a way to finally roller ski safely in most weather conditions and traffic which has been a parameter I was struggling with for a long time when I had the Jenex V2.

Today I went for another 10 km run varying the usual route a bit. I felt better though I am still coughing from the weekends flu. All in all the raw shape is still there though. I went 10 km in 43 minutes classical roller skiing which is quite ok considered the wind conditions. So the body is definitely responding.

Looking forward to hopefully bettering weather conditions in the coming week.



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