En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 39-44

Been off for a while. Last Wednesday I went out for a roll but then I caught up with the flu. Subsequently I have been spending the following days and weekend in bed. Today was actually another day in bed until I couldn’t stand looking out at the sunshine anymore.

So I went for a roll again today. The RollerSafe worked excellent as usual and saved me from hitting straight into a taxi which backed the wrong way over the bike lane in the wrong side of the road to park halfway across the pavement. If I hadn’t had brakes there would have been no way in hell to avoid a collision as it was at a sloping section where traditional roller ski braking techniques would have been too slow – and well… We can’t all be Robin Bryntesson when it comes to off-road roller skiing techniques.

Hoping to catch up on the health side the coming days as the weather forecast actually seems to indicate an approaching spring here in the first week of May.


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