En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 33+34

Yesterday was another long day at work and I was too tired to go out when I finally got home. So I spent some quality time with the kids instead.

Today I first went with Irís to kindergarten. She was cycling all the way there on her new bike. Super proud little girl when we arrived. Then I went out rolling for the usual distance. This time in quite windy conditions but it was great. 14.8 km/h average speed.

I did good at the 4 km midsection when I usually do my intervals. Seems like when I feel I have landed at a certain level I take a couple of long rides like the ones at Easter and when I get back to my normal training course I see improvements. It feels great!

Blood sugar this morning 7.4. Getting so used to the RollerSafe wireless brakes now, that I am starting to integrate the feeling into my movements.




  1. The Guern siger:

    Rest days tend to happen on their own, don’t they?

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