En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 30+31


Yesterday was a tug it in and sleep day. The kids were tired too and we were visiting my parents. Besides it was really raining outside and very cold.

Much better today. We drove off to Asnæs for the family to pick Allium ursinum for making pesto (yummy) while I prepared for a little longer roller ski run. The RollerSafe charged and ready.

The asphalt was rough as usual out there on the first kilometres but the landscape beautiful and rounded by small hills going through a couple of tiny villages. The speed was ‘so-so’ due to the rough pavement and a strong sidewind. When I came up to the main road south from Kalundborg the bikelane was quite alright even though at one place I scratched the bottom of the right side ski on a pothole which was covered with asphalt but deep enough for the bottom to scrape. Seems the ski survived though as there is a scratch but it hasn’t made a hole, so fingers crossed.

Onwards it went smoothly to Bjerge and the I turned east to head to my parents house. In the end I went 24 km and kept an average speed of 12 km/h. Feel good! Considered I had not eaten well before training and felt it in the last 5 km, the workout was a confirmation that all the shorter faster sessions also are beneficial for the endurance needed to go longer distances.

I would like to up the pace even further at longer distances. I have to consider though that I only started double poling on rollerskies one month ago, that I went from an average speed of 10 km/h classic skiing before Vasaloppet to 13-16 km/h at shorter distances on the RollerSafe and now a 24 km run at 12 km/h. All in all a good step forward already. If I continue this trend it is indeed looking good for next winter.

Still love love love love love the RollerSafe brakes!


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