En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 23+24

Yesterday I was tired and stayed in. Needed to sleep after a long day at work.

Since my wrists have been aching a bit over the past couple of weeks, and I only got the new suspended poles Saturday, I took a pair of old wrist guards from rollerskating and removed the metalbits. I tied them pretty tight around my wrists in order to see if that would relieve the tendons. Being an Occupational Therapist has its advantages.

While a bit bulky for diagonal pole action the wrist guards actually sat quite ok for double poling (which is where the hardest shock comes in).



Today is my off-day so in the morning I went out for a 10 km run on the RollerSafe. After the long hard workouts of the weekend and recovering from the crash friday it felt nice to be back on my usual tracks. It was also a nice test for the pole action of the new suspended poles. I took it easy at the first couple of kilometers but then in the midsection of the track I did some hard intervals. The poles proved very good for power transmission. I did a couple of 1 km intervals at 15-17 km/h which is equal to what it was with the old poles when going at 80-90%. Definitely looking good. I hope I can get rid of the pain now so I can enjoy them fully.

I added an extra loop to make it a 10 km run. In the last couple of kilometers I took it easy as well and my average speed thus landed at the quite good 13.25 km/h zone.

Looks like whole day rain tomorrow so I am probably going to give it a rest and aim for going out again Thursday!

Take it easy and remember to use helmets and other forms of protection. You never know when accidents will happen and Roller Skiing is a potentially dangerous sport. That being said it is also loads of fun and very good payback for time invested in terms of fighting Type 2 diabetes and other health problems. You won’t get worn out the same way as when running. Roller Skiing is something you can do every day and it is a full body exercise, unlike cycling. Go out and enjoy!


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