En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 21

So let’s take a look at that knee.

It hurts a bit but it isn’t swollen and it looks quite clean. Yesterday I got a reminder from my cycling days that training for elite sports can be detrimental to your health if you are sloppy with safety. Luckily I got out of this one in one piece thanks to the braking power of the RollerSafe system.

Without the RollerSafe brakes it would have been jumping to the very narrow road in front of a car on the descent or 30 km/h straight into heavy sheet metal plates covering a road work at the bike lane (unmarked, obviously). I managed to brake down to almost a full stop but slipped a pole on the sheet metal plates and landed on one knee at almost stand still as the frame of the left roller ski touched the plate edge thus putting me off balance. Imagine what it would have looked like at 30 km/h…

2 flies with one… Rarely anything is so bad that it is not good for something. Lesson learned. Since I broke a pole in yesterdays accident packed workout I went to my local equipment pusher today at Rulleskisport in Hellerup.

For security I got a pair of knee protectors that are quite slim and comfortable to wear. They work excellent as they allow for full movement in the joint. Great!

I took my broken poles with me and asked Jesper if he could cut them down for my girlfriend and he did that with no extra charge! Great again! Saved a perfectly good set of poles for her to go skate skiing with next winter.

Now for me lately I have been sensing a sneaking pain in my wrists usually palpable a while after roller skiing. I asked Jesper about it and he told me that it was probably due to the shock from double poling on asphalt. He showed me a staff that is supposed to deal with that. OW 9 Max + StaffanStaven. I got those and some Swix Triac hulks for roller skiing.

Being ready to go out again I went back home, put on my new gear and went out for some easy going workout as I was uncertain about my knee. I took it to medium tempo and felt no problem with the knee so instead of rushing away I went for 17 km with an average speed of 12 km/h. What a great feeling with these new poles. No pain in my wrists as I am writing this even though I went well more than twice the distance of my usual workouts.

Blood sugar level after workout => 5.9. Feeling good! As I sat on the stair back home Emma came out to join me and shortly after the whirlwind Irís (too ninja for pictures) also came out to greet me. So sweet!


You can buy RollerSafe in Denmark here: https://www.skatepro.dk/62-24017.htm

Consider funding the next RollerSafe project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rollersafe/inline-skates-with-electronic-brakes?ref=project_share


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