En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, Day 20

Today I planned to go from Rungsted to home about 15 km but plans can quickly get disrupted.

Thanks to a pair of sheet metal plates lying across the whole bike lane on a descent about 4 km along the route… The RollerSafe brakes saved me from more trouble than I had bargained for though, as I managed to come almost to a stop before hitting the plates. One of the poles slipped and stuck on the plate area so I took a knee fall at a relatively undramatic speed.

Still, landing straight on the knee on a sheet metal plate is not the best of experiences, so…

Waiting to get it stitched up at the hospital and hopefully I can get out again tomorrow…

Need to get a new pole as one was fractured and broke shortly after.

Update: Spent 2 hours at the hospital waiting but luckily nothing wrong with the knee – except what is visible.


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