En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, Day 17

Good News! I am going to be allowed to continue my consultations with the diethist in order to optimize training, eating and continue measuring my gains in the Body Composition Analyzing (BCA) programme. Very good for me since a lot of psychological driving force and desire comes from seeing steady progression, not only in the average speeds and other training measurements like pulse, but medical progressions. This is a fantastic inspiration to go out training. I am also allowed to continue training with the two guys Mikkel and Adrian over at the clinique. Awesome! Without them I could not have done the Vasa either!

Been out testing more on the RollerSafe and now I am getting steady feedback from the brakes. So it really looks like there was something wrong with the first pair and this new pair are working as they are supposed to (I.e. no sudden blocking going downhill). Kudos again to the guys at RollerSafe (in particular Jon and Rolf) for swapping them and for all the kind conversations and taking time to listen to my feedback. Love you guys!

Nice sunny weather here and the workout was great! Good speed on the first 4 km with an average speed of 14.8 km/h followed by a little dip on the way back. Nothing serious though as I stuck to 13.6 km/h average total.

Hopefully I will get time to take a trip out tomorrow.



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