En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 13,14,15

Finally got the new rollerskis and went for a ride Friday. What a joy! Went the usual 8 km loop here at home and the skis were spinning really good.

Then for the weekend we have been at my parents and since it was such a nice weather we went to the beach yesterday. I took the RollerSafe with me and went skiing back 15,8 km while the girls went by car.

Too much clothes on so it was really hot. Like hooooot. Dressed for Vasaloppet and roller skiing in 15 °C, well more than 20 °C in the sun. Believe me there was no shadow whatsoever on the route and it was dead calm sea => no soothing breeze.

The first part from the beach was on rough pavement and a little steep 30 vertical meters climb in the middle of the first 3 km zone. Actually all of it was quite rough pavement so I felt quite shaky when I got back. I see that I have a good deal of training ahead of me before going 50 km pr. day for 2 weeks. Game is definitely on though! I recovered quickly. Feel good but since we were celebrating double birthday in the family I didn’t go out rolling today.

Still too early to give a lasting evaluation on the brakes. They worked well but as with the other pair, a little hard to manage downhill. Seems like I need to sharpen my senses and develop a very keen feel for just how hard to press when braking and the latency time before they bite. So not yet any real challenging downhills for me. Need to learn slowly.



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