En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 11+12

Been grey and raining here while I have been waiting for the roller skis to come back from Norway. Finally got the return shipment notice today, so tomorrow they will hopefully be here. Busy day at work though to occupy my mind.

Once you are set on something the hardest days are transition days when nothing happens. Although lots of things actually happen all around you, you are kind of stuck in a dead-zone.

Yesterday I also had a long work day meeting my colleagues from Region Skåne up in Helsingborg, Sweden. After that I picked up Gyöngyi from work in Rungsted and we went to the harbour to buy Salmon for dinner. We had family visitors last night. We were pre-occupied with preparing a nice dinner for them but we enjoyed the company very much as well as talking. My mind was still set on roller skiing though, on the thoughts of all the equipment tests needed to be run before taking on the task of roller skiing from Copenhagen to Mora/Fryksås.

I remember this from my days of cycling. It is a nice feeling but on the other hand also a sort of brain-drugging place to be where you build a need for constant action. Training, action, sweating, training, action, sweating, rinse repeat.

While all this is very beneficial for my diabetes and general health, it generates a sort of mild irritation in down-time periods like now. Sort of just wanting to cuddle up and hibernate through to the next training pass. I have to be careful not to overdo it once I get them back. Eyes on target and stick to the vision!

Target: Vasaloppet 2018

Intermediate target: Seeding for Vasaloppet 2018 in February (aiming for start gate 6), Orsa Grönklitt Marathon.

Vision: Copenhagen – Mora/Fryksås on RollerSafe (maybe in August).


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