En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 7

Been out testing the roller skis today and had a joyful ride. Service did them good in terms of rolling ability but they are a bit hard still on braking from higher speeds going downhill. One of the skis seems harder to manage a none blocking brake maneuver than the other. So right now its going low speed downhill for me whence it is no problem to micro-adjust braking force without risking it all by blocking the wheels. Maybe they just need a bit more wearing off the top layer on the brake pads. Working on it! Apart from that I absolutely love them to bits and pieces. Easy to stop for a car f.ex. – which makes them very safe in dense traffic.

Feeling in good shape despite coming off a cold. Blood sugar 6.3 before dinner. If I can keep it up with the training efforts then I am looking forward to the next dietist visit and HbA1c measure in may.



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