En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 3

Today is a transition day as my RollerSafe has been shipped to service in Norway. I had a very pleasant customer service experience with these Norwegian guys. I can only recommend them in the strongest positive ways. If you are interested in buying or testing rollerskis but unsure about the braking ability then please do not hesitate to visit their page at: RollerSafe.no.

At the dietist for a control.

My stats the 1/11-2016 vs. 21/3-2017 (see scanned documents below):

Weight loss: –5.4 kg, Fat% down –3.6%, Fat Mass down, –5.4 kg, Muscle Mass Equal, 76.7 kg, Bone Mass Equal 3.9 kg, Visceral Fat Rating down, –2 points, Trunk Muscle equal, Trunk Fat down, –2.6%. Blood Sugar HbA1C, down from 63 to 56 (measured 28/2-2017, before Vasaloppet). 

These are all very good indicators that Cross Country skiing and roller skiing are excellent training tools for reversing type 2 diabetes.

Apart from that my day off from work has been giving me a chance to watch a bit more of Brynte and Ramms novel training ideas. Maybe a good alternative for residents of the Copenhagen area as there has been very little snow here this winter. Here in IKEA :-):


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