Vasaloppet 2018

The preparations for Vasaloppet 2018 begins today as I have just secured a starting place for the race March the 4th.

The goal is set at seeding for a better startposition than I had at the 2017 edition. For this purpose I have acquired a pair of RollerSafe classic rollerskis. Actually they are the reason I went to Mora in the first place three weeks ago since RollerSafe was at place at the Vasaloppet Messe. I did not plan to participate in in Vasaloppet 2017 but once there I actually managed to get a start place and soon after found myself at place in Bergaby with 15.000 other participants. If you have read this blog you will know that I made it all the way to Mora within the time frame to finish at 11443rd place.

This of course was a big victory for me considered that I have type 2 diabetes and a brain damage from being knocked down almost 12 years ago. I have struggled with overweight for 10 years now and only this winter the tables are starting to turn with all the skiing activities. So this winter I am starting to lose weight and my blood sugar levels are slowly getting a bit better.

Since I want to do a seeding race to start in a better start group for Vasaloppet 2018 I also have to work hard at my physical shape. I feel that I am in a better shape than for any of the past twenty years but in order to get a better seeding for Vasaloppet (like aiming for start gate 6) I need to for example do a marathon classic skiing contest like Orsa Grönklitt Marathon in less than 2h55min. That means averaging at around 14-15 km/h at classical skiing. I have managed to do such times on skate skis at a 10 km distance (Runkeeper) but doing so over 42 km in classical technique is a whole different ballgame.

So back to roller skiing. I have started training almost every day since I got back and recovered from Vasaloppet in the beginning of March. I feel good and I have some crazy plans for the summer. Let’s see if I can make some of them become real. I want to see if I can turn the tables with type 2 diabetes and come completely off medicine. I have a dream of going from Copenhagen to Mora on Rollerskis.

Thank you for reading!

Update: I went roller skiing again this evening and actually went faster than ever on rollerskis breaking my classical roller skiing PR with more than 1 km/h an average. Up from average speed: 12.67 km/h to 13.87 km/h with a max pulse of 184 and average pulse being 164. Short distance of 8.5 km but still. The shape benefit from Vasaloppet is cashing in. Compared to last years roller skiing efforts I have definitely taken a step up from average speeds between 10-12 km/h skating to now 13.87 km/h classic. Promising for the future it looks like.

You can read more about the seeding tables for Vasaloppet here:



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  1. The Guern says:

    What a great start!

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