Nikon SnapBridge a short review

I wrote this review at AppStore. I suggest everybody does that so we may be able to put some pressure on Nikon to update the functionality.

“This app doesn’t even deserve a start rating. The functionality with iPhone 6 is so poor that I will never use it.

Nikon could have given us a hardware Ethernet plugin like on the D4-D5 and I would have happily created my own network solution but this snapbridge app is too slow, skips connections frequently and you can’t transfer raw files or use any key functions for tethered release.

On top of that it drains battery like a proverbial Bowery bum.

The geotagging is the only thing that “works” but even that depends on the connection which frequently drops…

Nikon… Psst. You can hire people who can help you with the internet…

You make great cameras and you used to make great software (CNX2-era). What happened? Did you sell all your software people off to google too? And so now you are left with software illiterates?”


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