Nikon D500 high ISO Performance

Still testing the D500 for wildlife shooting but so far I am really impressed. The long distance AF performance is nothing short of amazing and the camera makes a great challenge to FX when it comes to high ISO vs detail (pixel density).

Here are a few samples:

ISO 40000 No NR:

View: original size

What is great about the D500 is that this cleans up quite easily with a quick NR session in CNX2. No other adjustments made:

View: original size

The next picture is ISO 7200 with no NR done to the bird and only a touch of NR done to the background to smooth it:

View: original size

Next up is at ISO 4500 during a light rain. This picture has no noise reduction to it:

View: original size

This picture of the roe deer is taken after sunset at ISO 2200 again no NR 1/60 hand held with the great 600/4 VR:

View: original size

Lastly I have two pictures at lower ISO to demonstrate the great detail and the far reaching AF-C and detail level after heavy cropping.

First an none cropped picture with great detail (notice the insects):

View: original size

And last a heavily cropped long distance shot:

View: original size



  1. ledrakenoir says:

    Lovely girl, who has learned a little applause makes the photographer more keener at work… 😀

    Very well captured… 🙂

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