New investigations claim Breivik to be sane…

Several both Danish and Norwegian psychiatrists (News Article 22/12/2011) has expressed concern about diagnosing Breivik with schizophrenia and psychosis. Danish psychiatrist and ph.d. Henrik Day Poulsen has read the Norwegian report and in an interview he says that most of the reports conclusions are based on Breiviks attitudes towards society are delusional and insane. But there is nothing in the report on Breivik that proves that he is delusional. All the conclusions are seemingly based on the psychiatrists perceptions of Breiviks ideas and thus concluding them as being insane. This is exactly my point about not falling into the trap of concluding someone being delusional based on our own perceptions of what is normal. Henrik Day Poulsen states (just like I did below) that on the internet you can find extremist ideas in certain fanatic groups and then based on a “We don’t like your ideas”-basis judge those people as being insane. It is WRONG! Some of those people who think and act like Breivik may very well be cynical cold-hearted psychopaths with grandiose feelings about their own role in society but they are most definitely not psychotic. If they were they would not be able to meticulously plan and execute such a long-time preparation process ending up with an attack like Breivik did.

Here is some of what I wrote in an international discussion group on the topic of schizophrenia and psychosis related to Breivik being diagnosed with schizophrenia:

One of the big problems with diagnoses in Psychiatry as I see it is the weight we put on symptoms and how we define ‘normal’ and thus deviation from ‘normal’. We even try to lace it with a cultural understanding of what ‘normal’ is but that only goes to further proof of how far out the whole concept of ‘normal’ is.

There are several people in the Right Wing environment in Europe that think of themselves and their loosely connected organizations as a continuation of the Knights Templar and it is a clever marketing trick that seeks to legalize their political purposes and let their violent fractions work behind the scenes. Breivik is not alone with that. From my (up until recently) active engagement in the blog environment I have often run into people identifying the self-constructed idea of a conflict between Western European democracy and muslim refugees/immigrants as a holy war and at least up until Breiviks actions many home pages from Right Wing groups had signature pictures like the Templar cross in various forms and sought to justify the use of the term war and warfare by writing articles linking the clashes between muslims and Western society to The Crusades and the Templar orders. So if Breivik is delusional about this then he is not alone. Breivik did not work in “splendid isolation” when it comes to spreading propaganda about the “War between Islam and Western democracy” and he is certainly not alone with regards to identifying socialists as traitors to the Western democracy. The degree of organization behind this is massive on the internet but very hard to pin down as the people behind the public home pages make a great effort as to appear only superficially acquainted with the organizations behind them. They go so far as to take a stance against violence though they indirectly and directly incite hatred and aggression. So we are dealing with layers upon layers upon layers of networks like we recently saw in Germany when a coincidence led to the revelation of several tactical murders by German neonazis with ties as deep as to politicians, the police and the intelligence service. Are they insane too?

Breivik may be suffering from megalomania but I would be very careful as to judge his actions as results of an isolated human being having delusions about society. In that case I can mention that I have several times been confronted with blogs where quite a few different people have written that they want to treat socialists as traitors that should be executed. When it comes to carrying out the deed into action then Breivik is comparable to the suicide-bombers or terrorists that commit crimes like this. Others may have more skills in asserting such a personality but I would think that the key word here would be that they are so filled with ideology or dogma that they themselves become a tool for a greater purpose. You don’t have to be insane to do that. In fact I would consider this closer connected to the Large-group psychodynamics of Volkan and Varvin but held in closer circles of the far Right Wing movements. We have to be careful though because Breivik opened a can of worms that have been working with great secrecy and we would be damned foolish to assume that they are isolated people that are not organized with ties even to the far Right Wing political parties and movements. Breivik may stand alone with his actions but the ideology is spreading like plague these days. Just look at commentators on News articles on the internet. The language and polarized thinking of these organizations is spreading even to the language of common ‘normal’ people with families and children. It is hard to imagine that such an ideology of warfare spreading by the clever use of manipulative wording and marginalization of ethnic and religious groups by use of the internet is not organized.

I just as recently as today read several comments from different people on a Danish news paper article articulating that Breivik was wrong in his actions but spot on in terms of his writings about Islam and socialists. Frightening!  So Breiviks thoughts are considered sane and rational by many people here in Scandinavia even though they distance themselves from his actions. In other words… We are NOT dealing with a case of a single person going insane. We are dealing with organizations operating covertly trying to generate mass-hysteria and they have been so successful that they have their own representation in the political system of several European countries.

We cannot excuse Breiviks actions with him being insane or disturbed. We have to acknowledge that flirting with fascism as a political power factor – such as we have numerous examples of in Europe both in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Germany and so forth – is going to create a moral foundation for people like Breivik to take all the mainstream political hate speech to the next level in sub society organizations that work through terror. It is a dyadic connection to the political mothership where the political establishment are sweet-talking the general population while underneath at the sub levels the extremists will try to terrorize people into place. A formula that has a long and bloody history.


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