Baby A – the rebirth of Club [S.T.U.P.I.D.]

When Baby A was gestating in his mother’s womb, his mom had constant interaction with human beings. When he was born, not only did he bear a striking resemblance to human beings but within a few years he had managed to speak in a manner that closely imitated human language. And thus he grew up thinking he was in fact human. Many years later… Baby A had become Big A and Big A discovered by accident that he was actually [S.T.U.P.I.D.] Stubborn Terrestrial Unimodal Prick In Disguise – an ancient cult of intellectually unimodal pricks and their ignorant disciples. Since then A has been projecting his new-found knowledge on to the rest of the world.

Via the internet Big A found a good reliable media for his projections, as people around him had a tendency to tell him to shut up once he started preaching. And Big A suddenly found that he was not alone. There were many other stubborn terrestial unimodal pricks in disguise out there, who also found out that communicating through the internet was much better than real life, because they could hold campaigns and constantly reinforce eachother in the dogma along with sharing in pissingcontests with dogmatic people. Whenever someone would tell them to shut up, they would just act the same way as the dogmatic people around the world – unconsciously a primary object of their admiration, whom they interchangeably envied and hated – they would hold their hands to their ears and sing lalalalala…

Thus was reborn into the world, Club [S.T.U.P.I.D.]

Now, I thought these tossers had done the decent thing and fucked off years ago. Why have they returned to inflict their drivel on an unsuspecting public again? Haven’t we suffered enough? Just because someone’s “loud” or “persistent” doesn’t mean they are intellectually gifted. God! This is a steaming pile of commercial shit.

A particularly distinct version of the [S.T.U.P.I.D.] can be seen on the picture below. This version has some character traits specific for their region of the world. This branch of [S.T.U.P.I.D.]’s are particularly confrontational and ignorant compared to their slightly more civilized brethren in some other parts of the world.

A troll is a fearsome member of a mythical anthropomorph race from Scandinavia. Their role ranges from fiendish giants – similar to the ogres of England – to a devious, more human-like folk of the wilderness, living underground in hills, caves or mounds. In Orkney and Shetland tales, trolls are called trows, adopted from the Norse language when these islands were settled by Vikings.

Nordic literature, art and music from the romantic era and onwards has adapted trolls in various manners – often in the form of an aboriginal race, endowed with oversized ears and noses. From here, as well as from Scandinavian fairy tales such as Three Billy Goats Gruff, trolls have achieved international recognition, and in modern fantasy literature and role-playing games, trolls are featured to the extent of being stock characters.



  1. Jon says:

    Hej St

    Fedt indlæg! Fra min synsvinkel er det værste ved [S.T.U.P.I.D.] at de gør det langt sværere for alle os andre kristne at være til, fordi de to grupper, af naturlige årsage, deler en hel del baggage. Jeg vil dog gerne understrege, at ægte troende intet har med de idioter at gøre, udover måske hvis en troende prøvede at informere dem om deres idioti.

    Venlig Hilsen


  2. hótigris says:

    Hej Jon. [S.T.U.P.I.D.] kan være hard-core ateister, men det kan også være alle mulige andre dogmestyrede totalitære grødbønder. 😉

  3. Jon says:

    Nåh, men hardcore teister (som jo er idioter) er mindst lige så dumme.


  4. hótigris says:

    De er også omtalt i indlægget: »Whenever someone would tell “them” ( [S.T.U.P.I.D.] ) to shut up, they would just act the same way as “the dogmatic people” (hardcore teister) around the world – unconsciously a primary object of their admiration, whom they interchangeably envied and hated – they would hold their hands to their ears and sing lalalalala…«

  5. Jon says:

    Faktisk interessant teori. At hardcore ateister eller antiteister i virkeligheden skulle føle en vis beundring for deres modsætning… Man har det godt på midten, hva’? Jeg har truffet den kloge beslutning at fra nu af, vil jeg ikke blande mig i de kampe mere.

  6. hótigris says:

    Det kan jeg godt forstå.

  7. hótigris says:

    Man har det faktisk helt fint på midten. 🙂

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