The year of 2020 has been strange in many ways. It all started well with lots of skiing and a good effort in Vasaloppet. Then came COVID-19, lock down and no chance to get on snow in the Easter. Yet still, I got time off to make different goals. During the winter I had started […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2021 June – July.

Virtual World Classic Tour Virtual Blink Classics 60 + 10 km Due to the Corona virus the usual roller ski events during the summer was cancelled. Instead we got a chance to participate as virtual competitions meaning that as a participant you could choose a short, medium or long distance race, finish that distance on […]

Roller Ski Testing.

This blog post is under continuous update as I get to test more roller ski models. UPDATE: SKIGO Carbon Classics now added to the test! I am a type 2 diabetic that decided to get healthy without the use of medication. Cross country skiing and roller skiing have been instrumental for me in achieving those […]

The 20×20 Roller Ski Challenge

Today I successfully finished the 20×20 Roller Ski Challenge that I set myself onto. 20 km each day for 20 days on classic roller skis. I finished loud and proud by setting a new personal best for the 20 km flat course at average speed 17,4 km/h.   All in all I feel in great […]

The 20 x 20 roller ski challenge

Ok, here I am. Winter spring season shortened significantly by the corona outbreak. In order to keep my diabetes at bay while having to stay home from job and social life I have to think of new ways to motivate myself for training. I have been checking off a lot of Strava segments improving steadily […]

En route to Vasaloppet 2021

When it is sunny outside and you miss the seasons ski marathons, it is good to have the opportunity to get out roller skiing. This was a mostly easy to moderate classic roller ski marathon with a couple of intervals tossed in at random. 3k flat segment at around 22 km to finally make it […]

Vasaloppet 2020

Time to evaluate Vasaloppet 2020. Well, it was snowing. Heavily. Just like 2019 the snow started during the night and just went on and on. I slept over at my friends parents in Mora so that Göran could drive me to the bus. Thank you, Göran Rudell. That saved me a lot of time to […]

Vasaloppet 45

Much have been said about Vasaloppet this Winter and the lack of snow and many scaremongers in the media have been warning against icy tracks and risks of accidents. I just want to say that Tuesday was a fantastic day in the Vasaloppet arena. We started at Evertsberg in -10°C, sunshine and high spirits. Sure […]

Orsa Grönklitt Ski Marathon 2020

1500 skiers for at the start of Orsa Grönklitt Ski Marathon. Wow. That is 800 more than at Craft Ski Marathon one month prior. The weather in south Sweden has been catastrophic to a degree that I wouldn’t even call it Winter. With temperatures at the two digit °C there has been no seeding races […]

Interview in Vasalöparen

Back in December I went to Stockholm for an interview about cross country ski training with diabetes. The interview is now available in print in the magazine Vasalöparen and online through this link: https://www.vasaloppet.se/om-oss/vasaloparen/. The interview is in Swedish on p. 24. I have done a translation to English here: He weighed 125 kilos and […]

Grönklittsstafetten (The Grönklitt Relay)

  Saturday the 1st of February it was time for The Grönklitt Relay. I had absolutely no plans to participate until my skiing friend Henrik Bang called me a week ago and told me to get ready for it as he intended to sign us up. Now Henrik is an incredibly strong 61 year old […]

Glide Segment from Craft Ski Marathon. Redline Cold vs. Redline DP

The tracks on the first round were pretty comparable from Craft Ski Marathon 2020 vs. 2019. So I risk to evaluate a bit on the glide segment that I have made from top of the bear hill and down to the cross section at Stormon. The skis were treated with the same glider by the […]

Craft Ski Marathon 2020

Update: I promised to update this post once the seeding results came in from the Vasaloppet Organisation. I had three major goals for this season. They all came through already: I double poled Craft Ski Marathon I skied a classic marathon in less than 2:48:00 (2:38:32) I qualified to start gate 6 at Vasaloppet 2020 […]

Polar Vantage V vs. Polar V800 initial GPS test.

I just had the first test run on cross country skis with the V800 and Vantage V together up here in Orsa Grönklitt. The Polar V800 is arguably one of the most precise GPS watches out there. So I was a bit hesitant to buy a Vantage V since I have read so much about […]

Informal Test of the Fischer Speedmax 3D DP Sprint & the Madshus Redline 2.0 DP

I have been in Orsa Grönklitt for a week now training mainly double poling on my Madshus Redline Skate. It has been a wonderful trip so far with amazing snow conditions and beautiful weather. I have trained 173 km in seven days but tomorrow I am homeward bound.   Since the spring when I tested […]

Visit to Transylvania and a rugged spinning session

We went to Transylvania to visit my in-laws in the end of October – beginning of November and I didn’t bring my RollerSafe, since we were flying there. So what to do about training… I found out that at the local Spa resort they had spinning facilities. It cost me like 2€ to train there […]

Travel to Frösön for Sockertoppen Camp and snow premier at Orsa Grönklitt

  The 23rd of October I set course for Östersund and Frösön to participate in the diabetes camp with Robin Bryntesson and Frida Linnér from Oct. 25th to 27th. First I dropped by Orsa Grönklitt to visit my friends there and to take a look at the new multitrack course for roller skiing and cross […]


I am going to deviate from my usual training posts here to talk about something more important for a bit. I firmly believe that sleep is one of the biggest psychological minefields out there. The most vulnerable state we can be in. Yet the most important time to feel safe and be surrounded by warm […]

RollerSafe in traffic – Give me a brake!

Wow, so happy about my RollerSafe. The Smart Brakes saved my life three times the other day. First when a car driver deliberately tried to ram me down in a T-section where he was waiting for a long queue of cars at Klampenborgvej. I was turning right down the bicycle path but he didn’t want […]

Living with Type II diabetes, Training with Type II diabetes

How do you treat and manage your diabetes? I train roller skiing and cross country skiing. I try to eat less carbohydrates but I am not fanatical about food. However, I keep a quite tight and hard training program. I try to do 2-300 km each month. So I train something like 4-5-6 days a […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020, Flying on slow wheels and something about slow vs. fast wheeling.

Yesterday I wrote about breaking a new personal best roller skiing on slow wheels. Seems like I am on a roll ’cause today I broke it again! I also wrote about the heart rate zones. That back in May I was 44% in the red zone. Yesterday that was 79%. Today despite starting from strained […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020. New Personal Best on RollerSafe

Unlike last year with wedding preparations and everything going on then, I didn’t go down on training this June. This means that now after changing to a new set of slow grey wheels (courtesy of RollerSafe, thanks Henrik Karlstad and Atle Stubberud), I set a new personal best doing 18k at 17.12 km/h. I feel […]

Polar Fitness Test.

15 days ago I did one of the hardest fitness tests I have done for a very long time. It was the Polar Fitness test that they posted along with their *Push Your Potential* program. The test consists of 6 different workouts: Fitness/test-your-level-of-fitness with video instructions. My results 15 days ago vs. yesterday: But seriously […]

Back home after a beautiful 3-day visit to Norway

It took a trip to Norway to get back on the spinning bike for me. We took to a leisure weekend at some Spa resorts in Uddevala (Sweden), Tønsberg and at Son Spa. Then I paid a visit at RollerSafe to get my roller skis checked. Luckily they had a new set of the grey […]

Weeping shades of cozened indigo

Once about every 2000 kilometers you get a reminder why to use knee protection when roller skiing. Tuesday’s training with KS-Ski was such a day. Tree roots shooting up through the pavement stopped me flat at about 18 km/h. Hip, knees and elbow. 🥶🔥🤬 A 35 km run where the last 15? was painful… Someone […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020

One year ago I broke my own personal record on RollerSafe going 10 km at 17 km/h in average speed. Today I broke that record again going 17,7 km at 17 km/h but this time on slow wheels that are 3-4 km/h slower than the 2″ wheels I used last year. This is a really […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020, spring rolling

Today’s training. Notable that I broke my previous personal best on slow wheels at 17 km by 3 minutes! But also that my heart rate didn’t even go to zone 5. . It is even equal to my personal best on fast wheels at this distance. Also worth noting that at 14 out of 18 […]

RollerSafe… What a joyful spring experience!

330 km so far in April. Including the workout the 31st of March I had ten days doing 180 km on snow in the beginning of April at Orsa Grönklitt. A great way to end the winter season. Then two days break at home and an equally great feeling entering the spring/summer season by continuously doing better at the 17 km track on roller skis. Topping it up today when I cut 2 minutes off of my personal best on the 10 km track on slow wheels.

Home again and back to roller skiing

Yesterday I was tired, non motivated and in a bad mood. Let’s call it transition syndrome  from the snowscape of Dalarna. At least it was sunshine. But sometimes all you have to do is get the hell out of the door. So I went on to my training grounds getting out my trusty RollerSafe. When […]

Springwinter at Orsa… April 2019.

Been a bit of a week for me. I was in Orsa, Skattungbyn and Orsa Grönklitt for ten days doing a total of 183 km mainly classic cross country skiing mixed with biathlon and freestyle. The first days were beautiful with sunshine and quiet weather. This was followed by a night with 30 cm of […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020, testing the new Madshus Redline 2.0 (DP)

I am so fortunate as to know these fantastic guys up at Orsa Grönklitt. While I have been home since Vasaloppet training away at Thorax and RollerSafe they got another period of dense snow fall up here with 50 cm a couple of weeks ago. This means that the conditions now are nothing short of […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020, first roller ski session in 2019.

First time out on the RollerSafe this year. In the beginning of December I changed to slower wheels which are still on. Today I did 9 km with an average speed that was 2 km/h faster than before Christmas when I was doing 12.6 km/h.    A testimony to how good I have been feeling […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020, raw interval session with the Thorax Trainer.

Yesterday after taking a 3 day break from training I went back to the Thorax Trainer determined this time to make some really nasty intervals. Looks like this: Again the speed curve on the polar diagram is useless since it is based on the track running setting for the polar V800. There is no setting […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020, testing ThoraxTrainer

Oh the ambivalence of returning home to rain, rain & rain again… The weather in Copenhagen, Denmark isn’t exactly something to boast about. It is rainy, stormy and generally depressive. Coming home from 70 cm snow in Dalarna, Sweden after a month away at Vasaloppet and Orsa Grönklitt to 24h rain isn’t exactly uplifting. So […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2020, day 1-3, testing the Madshus Propulsion skis

Today, Wednesday, it is day three after Vasaloppet 2019. Yesterday I went out for an easy ride. My hand hurt and so did my legs but to my surprise it actually did not feel so bad when I went out. The weather was fantastic after the snow fall Sunday and Monday. Blue sky and sunshine […]

Vasaloppsveckan 2019, the toughest Vasaloppet ever, according to some.

A month up here in Dalarna has come to its conclusion. A month of great improvements in cross country skiing, playing in the snow, meeting new friends and hard training. Before moving on to Vasaloppet 2019 I want to head start with Saturday the 2nd. March when my daughters raced the childrens Vasaloppet. For us […]

Vasaloppsveckan 2019, Halvvasan.

It was beautiful morning yesterday before Halvvasan, despite mild weather. When we drove towards Oxberg and the start area it looked like this: On the way my wife decided that she wanted to race also. So she turned in for participation at the start area while I went to line up for placing skis. When […]

Vasaloppsveckan 2019, Kortvasan

Today was the first big test of the Vasaloppet week. The short Vasa (Kortvasan) started for my part at 10 a.m. The weather was perfect. Cloudy -3°C wind still and 7cm new snow yesterday. The tracks were perfect too. I decided to go with the Madshus Redline cold with LF 7 for glide and Toko […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, two days to Kortvasan..!

Wonderful weather in Orsa Grönklitt today. -1°C, sunshine (+13°C in the sun), light wind: Beautiful! After the mild weather the last couple of days the tracks were hard and perfect today. I aimed at 20 km keeping the heart rate in control around 80% (ended up at 83%) and double poling all the way.   […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, Orsa Grönklitt

Due to lower back pain I had to skip the Orsa Grönklitt Ski Marathon this past Weekend but now I feel better. The coughing I suffered earlier in January is completely gone. Today it was beautiful sunshine, -4°C and skiing propaganda here in Orsa Grönklitt. Treated the trusty Madshus Redline with Swix V45. It worked […]

Skin vs. Cold? Madshus cross country skis

Some people have been asking what the difference is between skin skis and normal cold skis, questioning if there is a real palpable difference between glide performance. Therefore I have taken out a chop of two workouts in Orsa Grönklitt in relatively similar conditions with only a day between them. The day before Craft Ski […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, Jan. 31.

Finally getting better. Been ill for a month now but today I didn’t cough after the ski run. This time I went to Värnamo, Åminne Bruk just south of Jönköping for a 1 day trip after taking the kids to kindergarten. It was a 3 hour drive from Copenhagen through beautiful snow-covered landscape from North […]

Biathlon Cup in Lövhult, Nässjö, Sweden 20/1-2019.

What a fantastic event at Lövhult in the weekend. Five cm new snow the night between Saturday and Sunday + sunshine and literally 0 wind. We were there with KS, Ballerup Biathlon and me for Sockertoppen IF. This was my first competition in biathlon. I did 3+3+3+3, with the first two shots in each series […]

Seeding for Vasaloppet 2019, part 1

I thought I would be good for start gate 7 by going in less than 3 hours in Craft Ski Marathon but they chose to put the bar at 2:57:00 cutting my finish time off by just 1m14s… So it looks like I will be participating in some more seeding races this season after all. […]

Craft Ski Marathon, 2019

Aside from a cold that set me back, the Craft Ski Marathon was a pleasure this year. I did my so far best long distance ski run. 42 km in 2:58:14 marking also my first ski marathon in less than 3 hours. Almost 40 minutes faster than last year. The tracks were fast since it […]

En Route toVasaloppet 2019, Christmas

Wow! Didn’t think I would be in such a good shape coming out of a period with a cold and no snow training so far this season. But the last couple of days has been magnificent. Today even better as I broke a new personal best for the 10 km Stormon track at Orsa Grönklitt […]

Back at Orsa Grönklitt

In my preparation for Vasaloppet 2019 the preseason has been marked by the scarcity of snow in both Sweden and Norway. The snow didn’t come until two weeks ago but now that it is here the decision to go for a New Years stay was easily made. I have the Craft Ski Marathon to attend […]

Wheel Test Rollersafe

Here is a more properly done roller test from today’s roller ski run. The average heart rate is more aligned and thus a higher speed on the grey wheels but they are still 1:20 min. slower, 4 km/h in average speed over the 1.7 km descent. Notice also that the grey RollerSafe wheels are slower […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, december – Testing new wheels from RollerSafe.

Been out testing the grey wheels that I got from RollerSafe earlier in the year. Since they are harder at a first touch I was expecting them to roll faster but to my surprise that is not the case.   They are significantly slower than the black 2′ wheels I am used to. So much […]

New wheels

Testing new wheels for RollerSafe. They are harder than what I usually ride on.

En Route to Vasaloppet, day something ;)

Well, it has been a while but now I am finally back! A summer full of training ups and downs and ventures into biathlon. I was in brilliant shape in May-June but after that I slowly got myself caught up in Erysipelas infections, colds and more of the same. My shape naturally suffered but I […]

”Det indgår ikke i vores arbejdsopgaver, så det kan vi ikke bruge tid på at bekymre os om”

–      En rejse ind i den danske ældrepleje.     For et halvt års tid siden stoppede jeg med at arbejde i Sverige pga. logistiske problemer med at nå fra Charlottenlund til Malmø efter børneaflevering med mere. Jeg er desuden fleksjobbevilget og ville gerne tilbage til Danmark for at se, om jeg ikke kunne skabe et […]

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 118-139 Testing Scatt at Ballerup Biathlon

Been a month of extreme heat and sun in Denmark with temperatures around 30-33°C. I have been taking it easy with only 110 km so far in the legs in July. Still an absolute joy to train on the RollerSafe. I dropped a bit in average speed, down to about 16 km/h – but it […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 105-117, Finally it is here!

At long last I received my wedding present today from Anschütz. A laser power biathlon riffle. In time to test it also. Works perfectly! I was shooting out in the garden behind where we live. At least 12 meters works fine if not more. It is a little gem. Pricey but excellent. On top of […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 74-104

I think this is the longest time that has passed between updates since I started writing this training blog. So much has been going on. First of all I got married last Saturday. We made much of the food on our own, ordered 4 pasta courses from Andrea Casciotta of Spaghetteria, served 80 guests and […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 72-73

Monday I did my first 5/5 standing in biathlon shooting. Felt very good! Last night I went for an evening roller ski run at average speed 16.9 km/h at 168 bpm in average heart rate. 86% in zone 4 and 7% in zone 5. Looks like it is following the trend of hitting a new […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 70-71

You know these days when everything feels heavy on you straight from the morning. I had some bad dreams and slept very uneasy… In the morning I couldn’t sleep any more so went up early with an aching body. Still, I wanted to hit the training course to get it out of my system before […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 67-69

The times of meeting my personal goals are not over. This morning I did a Fitness Test on my Polar V800 and for the first time I made it into the elite level with a V02Max of 52!   I am so very pleased!       I have been thinking about how to train […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 64-66

9th classic roller skiing in a row without going low of 16.2 km/h in average speed. Today at 16.6 km/h, like yesterday at 16.7 and Sunday at 17 km/h. Otherwise I wanna focus on what I did today in the morning before work. I trained biathlon with Christian and Erik. In my best series in […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 62-63

Yesterday I did not feel on top of my game. In the morning I went for a 8,75 km roller ski workout without getting higher than 85% of max. heart rate. My average speed was merely 15.8 km/h. It felt like I had hit a brick wall during the day. Felt like all the past […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 58-61

I went to my third biathlon training, today with Jens Hulgaard. Focus on shooting without support. I managed to do okay in prone position, setting usually three of five shots in relatively close proximity but standing was very difficult. My first five shots standing since 25 years back and I felt like a bowery bum. […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 56-57 and something about how to achieve permanent weight loss

After a days break, fuelled by taking the kids to the park and playing D&D 5th. ed. with good friends afterwards, I took to steal another run on the RollerSafe this morning. A couple of weeks ago I aimed for 16 km/h in average speed and figured once I got there I would be at […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 55

So many things that were right today! First thing in the morning I did a fitness test on the Polar V800. For the first time since I started measuring, my result is now 50, which means my VO2max is 50. This is 2 points from my ultimate target to hit the elite level for my […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 53-54

Been rolling the past 3 days in a row. Planning to do Saturday and Sunday too and on Monday I got my first biathlon training coming up. I think it will be good for me to mix the roller ski training with biathlon training. Maybe I will have to get a pair of RollerSafe skate […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 51-52

Recently I have been rolling the 9-10 km route in ‘Dyrehaven’. But today I felt like revisiting Route 2 up to ‘Hjortekær’ and ‘Eremitagen’. That is double the distance, ten double the vertical meters while retaining the average speed of 16 km/h. To cut it short; that was a great success… almost… as I made […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 42-50, Training for Imroved Quality of Life!

In summary. Over the course of 8 days I have moved from average heart rate 173 bpm. to 163 bpm. while improving average speed from 15.9 km/h to 16.15 km/h. The pulse zone 4-5 has moved from 51%(z5)-42%(z4) to 5%(z5)-85%(z4) on the same route. The training load moved from 16 hours to 9 hours. Some progression!

Fejring af dansk statsborgerskab….

Man taler så meget om symbolik og signalværdi i disse tider. Derfor vil jeg gerne stille et åbent spørgsmål til politikere og embedsværket på Christiansborg. Det er krafteddeme fuldstændig forrykt, at man ikke må tage sine børn på 2 og 4 år med ind til Folketinget for at fejre Gyöngyi‘s statsborgerskab. Hvad fanden i hedehule […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 37-41

Been having problems with the poles. One handle is coming lose and I didn’t have a means to fasten it as it is sitting on the carbon shaft of Staffanstaven. I don’t know what kind of glue to use… Trip to Rulleskisport on Monday I guess. 🙂 I did get a good run today though. […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 34-36

Saturday I felt very good but had trouble with the pole straps that went out of the sockets and loads of horse carriages in the park area. Still I did 9 km at 15.3 km/h which was the best roller ski run I had ever done. Home again I sorted things out with the straps […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 29-33

Now that I am finally about to lose that sinusitis I feel good and in good shape. Actually contemplating if there could be one more trip to the snowscape for me this spring but for now I am well into roller skiing. The RollerSafe are great as usual although it takes a few kilometres to […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 22-28, Goodbye snow, hello RollerSafe!

Tuesday was the last day on snow for this season up in Orsa Grönklitt. I felt a little better and did 17 km in a relatively relaxed effort at avg. heart rate 158 bpm but 13.6 km/h indicates that the shape is there and that the weakness due to illness and stomach flu was departing. […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 20-21

Yesterday I burned the house down… Well, not literally. But I was testing a pair of Madshus Redline Skate skis for todays race up the slalom hill here at Orsa Grönklitt. I went 10 km in the for me best ever cross country ski run coming in at 38 minutes. Considered how sick I felt […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 18-19… Testing the Madshus Redline IGS, part two (Update on glide performance, see link below).

**Update**: I have done a more thorough glide test comparison of the Madshus Redline Cold vs. the Redline IGS (skin). You can read more here: Skin-vs-cold-madshus-cross-country-skis. While it was -10 to -20°C all of February I did not take out the Redline IGS much so I kind of stood my ground on the Redline cold […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 17

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 17

As usual I was up early in the morning (*cough) but someone was sleeping longer than me! Bless them!   Contrary to the winter of 2017-2018 when I mainly did skate skiing this season I have only done one skate track back in November in Norway. Since then it was all classic due to the […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 16-23

  “When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse Out of the corner of my eye I turned to look but it was gone I cannot put my finger on it now The child is grown The dream is gone” My life revolved around these lyrics for many many years while wandering in […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 9-15

First of all I have to thank a lot of people who believed in me. In that it was possible to work my way out of diabetes without using medicine. My long time blood sugar HbA1C is now 46 Mmol/mol (below 48 equals no diabetes)! I am so happy and grateful to all my friends […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 1-8

En Route to Vasaloppet 2019, day 1-8

Now begins a new adventure. I am already returning to Orsa Grönklitt for some more snow skiing at Easter. Albeit only for a week, I hope to do some thorough testing of my new Madshus Redline IGS in more optimal temperatures and snow conditions than what was present in the weeks before Vasaloppet when it […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, March 4

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, March 4

A season of my first races in the long distance cross country classics has come to its conclusion. Yesterday I finished with Vasaloppet 2018 (results for Sockertoppen IF) as number 7508 in the time 8h37m29s. I felt I could have done better as my finish time of both Kortvasan 2:28:09 and Halvvasan 3:42:49 suggested that I […]

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 343-346

The fourth long distance race of 2018 for me started today at 9:00 A.M. in Oxberg as I was in place for start in the first group for Halvvasan 45 km. The weather conditions were rough -11°C. Wind from North – East meaning head to sidewind from about km 8 and the chill factor to […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 342

What a great day. From start at Oxberg – Mora, Kortvasan 30 km in 2:27:37. The best 30 km classical ski run I have done. I had it in me to do better but I held back a bit since I am going to participate in Halvvasan on Tuesday. Marcus Laggar of Lager 157 Ski […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 335-341

Been a great week here in Orsa Grönklitt and Fryksås. I am going to write more once I get past this evening. Tomorrow is the next big day as I am going to Oxberg to participate in the first Vasalopp challenge for me this year, Kortvasan, 30 km from Oxberg to Mora. Thanks to Marcus […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 330-334

Been training short distances in order to recover from the Marathon last weekend but today I went out for a half marathon on a similar path to the race track. I did pretty well. Just about as my first lap in Grönklitt Marathon, 12 km/h. Interestingly it seems I am getting better though as I […]

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 329

Grönklitt Ski Marathon is well over for me but with a bit of mixed feelings. I haven’t been training for the past four weeks since my dad came home from hospital with a cancer diagnose and passed away only 4 days after. He should have been here with us today… Sometimes life sucks. Suffice to […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 313-328

Finally they are here! The Madshus Redline IGS that I ordered have finally arrived in a span that fits me perfectly! It will be a hard choice tomorrow at Grönklitt Ski Marathon between those and the Redline Cold. Probably going with the Cold. Thank you to Conny from Skistart in Älvdalen for being such a great […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 301-312

Heartbroken… After a short outbreak of cancer my dad, Erik Immanuel, died Saturday, January the 20th, 2018. It came as a chock to me. He had a case of pneumonia in December but as he weakened over Christmas it became clear that something else was at play. Unfortunately we did not get the cancer diagnose […]

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 285-300, The first big test! AXA Skimarathon

In the ever ongoing battle against type II diabetes I was a bit disappointed in my finish time at the Orsa Christmas Marathon the 27th of December plus I DNF’ed at the roller ski race of Kongevejsløbet in Denmark in the fall falling out of the time restriction by about two minutes. It made me […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 284. Testing the Madshus Redline IGS.

Ran the Orsa Grönklitt Julemarathon today. After an all night with 30 cm new snow it was amazing that they even got a working set of tracks for this competition. Marcus Laggar från Längdcentrum at Orsa Grönklitt let me test the Madshus Redline IGS for this race but when we were to start at 10 […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 283

Today it has been snowing all day! I did go 10 km though. When doing so it is quite pleasing to find this one out in the snowscape.   One little note about Apple AirPods. I have been wearing them while cross country skiing and even when I face plummeted the other day on a […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 280-282

Well well, been training good up here in winter wonderland (better known as Orsa Grönklitt) In two days I have a training marathon to participate in. Looking forward to it. Courtesy of ‘Längdshopen’, situated right at the snow tracks in Orsa Grönklitt, I was allowed to test a pair of Madshus Redline IGS 95+ with […]

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 262-279

I know… I have been absent for a while but I have been busy. I was in Sweden in the middle of December running  a total of 120 km on classic skis in five days. It started out good with a test run of 20 km at avg. speed 12.6 km/h and a new personal […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 250-261

Been taking it easy since I came home from Norway focusing mainly on technique and safety. Weather is getting colder and we had a few nights with frost making the roads slippery with patches of ice as well as wet and muddy. In other words quite dangerous especially in the dark. For some training sessions […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 235-249

Here is a tale of my first days in the snow this season. I took my RollerSafe to service in Norway and from there went on to Lillehammer to visit my niece and to get my first snow-experience this season. Expectations were high as I have been doing a lot of workout on the roller […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 234 Comparison stats Polar V800 vs Polar M430 vs Runkeeper/iPhone7

A little devil whispered in my ears that for todays long roller skiing workout I should compare the two Polar watches being the V800 and the M430 as well as with Runkeeper using my iPhone 7. The Polar watches were very close. The V800 does seem a bit more accurate on altitude though which may […]

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 232-233

So Sunday was one long interval of sorts going 15 km at a very high pulse. 10 of 15 one kilometer rounds were in zone 5 (between 176-194/bpm, with 3 consecutive kilometers averaging 181, 180 and 182 bpm. That is very high. https://flow.polar.com/training/analysis/1909899460 Yesterday I broke that down to acceleration intervals so that I would […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 226-231

Wow… Been standing still at a plateau for a while now roller skiing at about 14-15 km/h. Average pulse around 160-170. Felt like I was missing some hard interval trainings and enjoying comfort zones a bit too much… So last night I put on my newly acquired X-bionic full set and went out in total […]

En Route to Vasaloppet 2018, day 215-225

Last time I promised I would write something about the estimated VO2Max test of the Polar M430. This is what my measurements look like so far: Ideally you should measure the VO2Max every 6 weeks to get a good insight into how you are progressing but I just wanted to see if I could get […]

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 191-214

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 191-214

Ok, it has been a while… I have been busy at work after returning from sick leave. So skipping fast forward to the positive side of things I acquired a GPS training watch, the M430 no less, from the Finnish company Polar. This is looking like being the best investment I have ever done apart […]

En Route to Vasaloppet, day 184-190

Bloody my shingles… Well, the state of weakness I found myself in during Kongevejsløbet wasn’t just about a shoulder injury. It soon showed itself as me having shingles. That is a very bad and painful condition stemming from the virus you get when contracting small pox as a child. The virus lingers in your body […]

En Route to Vasaloppet day 176-183

Buehh, got an injury to my right shoulder probably at the lower end of m. teres minor or m. teres major or both. I think it started when I was doing Kongevejsløbet which would explain why I felt so out of power towards the end. A sneaking injury that didn’t really come to play until […]